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In the case of an emergency, please call 614-866 3636 and follow instructions

What if I have an emergency?
Should an after hours endodontic emergency arise that requires contacting our office, please call 614-866 3636. Follow the instructions provided in the message. One of our doctors will be contacted, and your call will be returned as soon as it is reasonably possible.

After Hour Visits
If it is determined that an emergency office visit will be required, the doctor will need to contact the assistant on call. The assistant or the doctor will then contact you to discuss the appointment time and offer directions to our office.

Many procedures are completed in one visit, however, due to limitations of clinical staff availability, after hours and weekend office visits are strictly limited to emergency care only. Emergency care is designed to alleviate acute discomfort. In most cases, patients will be scheduled another appointment during regular business hours to have the root canal procedure completed.

After Hour Fees
An additional fee will be added to after hour and weekend treatment fees.

After Hour Prescriptions
It is not possible and is illegal for our us to issue prescriptions (antibiotics, pain medication,etc) for patients that have not been seen in our office. If you are a new patient that we have not seen, please contact your referring doctor (general dentist) for after hour or weekend prescriptions.

If you had a traumatic incident

What to do if you had an injury to the tooth?
Consult your dentist immediately. This can help maintain your tooth in a healthy condition.

What if a part of the tooth breaks or chips off?
Contact your dentist immediately. The dentist can diagnose the condition and apply a protective filling on the broken tooth to prevent further damage and alleviate pain/sensitivity.

What if a tooth is knocked out?

  • Find the tooth and hold it by the crown (white) part of the tooth
  • Replant (put it back in position) immediately if possible
  • If contaminated, rinse gently in water put the tooth back in the socket and see your dentist
  • If you cannot put the tooth back in position, place it in a cup of cold milk, or place it in the mouth between the cheek and gums
  • Seek immediate dental treatment